The band, Tokyo City Groove, introduced Tokyo through their elaborate sonic productions. Composed of instrumental duo, drummer Kenta Kitamura and bassist Kaoru Yamauchi, the outfit was founded in 2022 to reveal and inspire love for their city through elaborate sound expositions and music cultures distinct to the city. Keeping up with this theme, the duo draws a lot of inspiration from the dynamic lifestyles and vibes of the city, adding in flavors of their own personal experiences and encounters to enrich the compositions.

iTunes Artwork for 'Visions - Single (by Tokyo City Groove)'

For their latest release, ‘Visions’, the Tokyo City Groove craft a colorful jazzy number, conducting a range of instruments to form a cohesive narrative. Within the track, you’ll immediately spot artistic virtues like versatility, virtuoso, and sophisticated vision. Chiming synth backdrops are detailed with experimental drum work. They lead into sunny, tropical frames with fun beats and orchestral saxophones. It is instantly vibrant and energetic. The third act is a ruminative piano score that dances and dallies through the air. Finally, the conclusion comes in the form of a fusion of them all, elevated by remarkable interludes and instrumental climaxes. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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