Ton Snijders is a keyboardist and composer from Velp known for his collaboration with Frank Boeijen and Stef Bos. Flow is an instrumental single released in 2021. Playing for 4 min and 6 seconds, Flow’s enigmatic rhythm is captivating.

The instrumental begins with five note keyboard melody that flows through an expansive landscape of subtle musical textures, melodies and harmonies. The artist employs repetitive keyboard note cycles to navigate his way through the enthralling instrumental that ravishes the mind and beguiles the listener.

Every curve in the melodic landscape engraves itself into the keyboard melody and unpacks a new musical dimension. The music flows magnanimously and drenches the brain; It leaks into the mind, seeps into the listener and becomes the space around them. It’s music for thought. The appeal of the melodies is as magical as the siren’s call; patient and enticing, drawing the listener in deeper and deeper.

With cymbals clashing, rising violins, pleasant baritone humming, and the piano crescendos at the end of each musical cycle, the instrumental paints sweeping panoramas of rolling hills, gushing ocean waves, flowering clouds, dispersing mist and swishing leaves in the mind of the listener. It’s what, I imagine the silence of mornings sounds like.

Impassioned and evocative, the instrumental carries a promise of charming musical articulation of flowing lives, the immutable beauty of every day and the promise of nature. Flow is universal and it’s for everyone. It’s a must listen.

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