Venice Revive is a symphonic metalcore band that has been releasing its own music for over a year now. They heavily rely on orchestral instruments in their production, but create out of it a sonic palette that is heavy and energetic. They pride themselves in blending the old and the new with technical creativity. “Evolution” is their fifth and latest release featuring Israeli music project Neophobia.

The track starts off with an echoed-out guitar riff accompanied by subdued vocals. The percussion that kicks in soon is heavy and functions as the backbone of the track; holding everything in place while adding a great deal of energy. The electric guitar work is impressive as it brings the different string instruments together coherently. The production makes it evident that the band understands pacing and knows how to play with intensity.

The vocal performance is versatile, with most of it being layered or in groups and some of it letting a solo voice shine. It goes from soft to really loud and cathartic displaying a great deal of range. The melody is well-written and has a mystical element to it that makes it easy to imagine the song as a part of soundtrack to a dark anime show.

I particularly enjoyed the guitar solo at the half-way point, post which the sonic palette of the track shifts to something much darker. The mischievous second-half keeps it intentionally chaotic and incoherent before returning to the chorus.

“Evolution” by Venice Revive gives us four minutes of raw, intense high-energy. Make sure to check it out here: