W1ZZY is a rapper from West London who takes inspiration from the streets to enhance his penmanship. The beats he chooses to flow on are energetic and grimy.  After his first release in 2021, he is back in 2024 with new music, his third release being the latest single “Keep The Change”!

The first thing that strikes one about “Keep The Change” is the nasty, bass-heavy and groovy beat which immediately sets the tone for how intense the track is about to be. The sound of the bell feels borrowed from wrestling where it makes one feel like a fight is about to go down, adding the intensity and anticipation for what is to come. The keys in the background are brooding while the ad-libs are subtle yet present. I enjoyed the sound of the coins and thought it was quite on-brand for the title of the track.

W1ZZY brings weight to his rap performance on the track. He raps like he has nothing to prove which is a kind of confidence that is evident in his rap persona. His roots in the UK shine through in his writing and performance. Lyrically the track is exploring themes of communicating how one is the best or superior to the other, which is a common motif in hip-hop. The line “Keep The Change” signifies a kind of wealth that allows one to not care about money.

“Keep The Change” by W1ZZY is a track that will add instant pump to your workout! Make sure to check it our here: