Wexford is a Sandusky, Ohio based Rock band influenced by post-hardcore, alternative and punk. Formed in 2020, they have been releasing music since 2022 and already have two singles and an album under their belt. Their latest single “Never Give Up The Fight” was written in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is a call for peace and reinforces an anti-war stance that is more than necessary given the current geo-political climate.

When you imagine a track that speaks about war, rock is not necessarily a genre that you anticipate immediately, but Wexford uses the most cathartic elements of the genre like the release of getting something off your chest in an unapologetically loud manner to its advantage. The sonic palette is grungy and chaotic in all the best ways.

The vocals by Dave Mueller and Andy Kohlmann are anthemic and almost like spoken word at a protest. The instrumentation however is mixed such that the vocals take a backseat and the guitars, keys and percussion take centre stage. The post-chorus guitar section is really groovy and the solo guitar section is catchy and impressive. The percussion by Jeff Vandebussche is energetic and keeps the track upbeat throughout.

The lines “We’ll Never Give Up The Fight” is repeated, serving as a fact and reinforcement rather than an instruction or call to action. Culturally, music has always been a part of protest and it is exciting to see protest take its own space in Wexford’s discography. I am glad to see the band speaking truth to power and hope they continue to do so as it reveals the fundamentally transformative and radical essence of art. This short track proves that speaking truth to power can be rhythmic and fun!