The soft rock tribulations of A Floor Below is a gorgeous sight. Edges of tender tragedy and melancholic phantoms manifest infinite blues in their listeners. Composed of singer-songwriters and guitarists, Bruce and Joe, the duo builds monuments of sorrow and vulnerability with perceptive lyrics and glimmering melodies. This track, Always Sinking is taken from A Floor Below ‘s debut album, My Own Sea. 

Like rivers and their tributaries, the acoustic strings branch into reverberating streams of melodies. Their bright tones glint against the black vocal sky like streaks of lightning. The reverberating rhythm of the beats and the guitar form a cyclical circuit. An endless journey like the waves of the sea. Endless like a tragedy. 

The instrumental monologue carves out the artists’ love for the guitar. Its cups of melody are irrevocably infused with the artists’ emotion and forms the perfect medium to bare one’s soul to. 

With their music, the duo seeks to help the listeners feel close to the world and its people. By illuminating the monsters that live in us all, they drive us to the conclusion that we’re all more alike than we are unlike. 

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