A Mess is a one-woman power-pop and electric rock project. Armed with a strident guitar style and strong vocals, her compositions are known to challenge predefined notions revolving gender and sexuality. She takes on the persona of an empowered feminist and drives her soundscapes to the beat of rebellion and defiance. In her latest single, ‘Gender Traitor’ the artist calls out all the people who perpetuate discriminative stereotypes and double standards against their own gender. The track is melodic pop-rock at its finest, in a way that is reminiscent of artists like Avril Levigne.

iTunes Artwork for 'Gender Traitor - Single (by A Mess)'

A Mess edges the whole soundscape with punk beats. Complemented with rich walls of riffs and heavy basses, it is a high-energy composition. She lays out her narratives in the verses, connecting it progressively to the exhilarating punk-pop highs in the chorus. Her vocals soften as they swing into the chorus’s hooky lines . The listening experience of the track reveals a refreshing blend of 90s anthemic rock with 00s indie influences. Listen Now!

A Mess is the brainchild of Danish artist, Dorte Hartmann. She debuted in 2021 with ‘Fuck Your Way To The Top’ and has since released four singles including this one.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Gender Traitor’ by A Mess here –