Age of Wires is back with his newest single Invention of the Nineties. Age of Wires is a London based songwriter who uses his unique sound to delve deep into life’s moments and experiences. With energizing rhythms and beguiling vocals, the artist probes into the deepest parts of the soul. Since debuting in 2021, Age of Wires has amassed momentum with his post-punk and folk-rock musical blends.

The song’s intro is populated by a bass guitar melody, quick beats and lone cymbal details that end rhythm cycles. The baritone vocals plunges into the mix after the first rhythm cycle. Hollow bass harmonies are employed to amplify the depth of the vocals. The artists dramatizes the pronunciation of words to create enchanting melody cycles. 

The vocals in the chorus glow with zealous and energy as an equal and opposite reaction to the growling bass guitar. It feels as though a surreal emotion swallows you whole and floats you gracefully across the soundscape. Rounding cymbal echos, sticky drum beats and guitar curves pave the path for the next verse. With the rising intensity of the metal guitar shredding, the song creeps towards its end.

The artist uses retro musical aesthetic to create futuristic images and ideas. Age of Wires has a way of using his music and sonorous voice to beautifully articulate complex emotions and provoke thought as evidenced in his discography. 

Invention of the Nineties by Age of Wires is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music!

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