If you love gothic and haunting slow burns that devour and possess you, then you cannot miss out on Air-Ik ‘s revival of Blondie’s iconic track, Call Me, released under the same name. The artist has done an amazing job adorning it with his artistic vision, without compromising the essence of the masterpiece.

With a significantly reduced tempo, the artist expands the fabric of the piece and illuminates the demons hidden in the dark. Stripping it down to its bare bones, he cultivates a captivating body of passion and pain that unfailingly has us going back for more.

Roaming beats and roaring basslines beckon like black magic. Smoky vocals lift like poltergeists and dance to the mesmerizing rhythm. Its intensity is imprisoning and alluring at the same time. Taking away all sense of free will and control, the track demands devotion and submission. The punching beats bring an unstoppable tide of hallucinogenic waves which amplify the command of the vocals.

A story of a twisted romance and uncontainable love emerges from the lyrics. The dingy guitar riffs cast an unending spell that is realized by the irresistible vocals. While the warm melodies set the mood for hedonistic slumber, darkness lurks and lingers with a sinister passion. Depicting a divine struggle between life and lust, the track has a vampirical blasphemy that we can’t help but indulge.

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