AJ Green’s music has a teeming rock charisma of 80s and 90s ricocheting off of The Smith’s melodic rock, Radiohead’s dynamic percussive spirit, and the bluesy blooms of R.E.M. It makes for a very distinctive listening experience. You’ll perhaps even find the fleshing agents from the 70s and 00s indie; a combination that wraps itself around the mind and never leaves. ‘Get Out of My Life’ is AJ Green’s latest single. A groovy, flippant, and passionate appeal to an ex-lover. Truncated chords form the basis of an addictive chorus. Building on its playful spirit are symmetrical riffs broken only by the punching single beat line.

A J Green UK - Get Out Of My Life - YouTube

AJ’s voice is a raspy baritone, delivered in a way that tells the story both lyrically and emotionally. And mixed in with existential ruminations, there’s a philosophical favor that mixes in with heartbreak and melancholy. A blues rock solo flows out into the bridge from the second verse. It sparkles with all the things that have ever been said and that can never be said about love and pain. It unleashes a terrific dimension that absorbs the listener and the track before it closes up for the final chorus. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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