Ajay Mathur knows that this album slaps like a Will Smith reaction. His album Talking Loud has been generating more than murmurs in the indie music community. He’s featured on several playlists for his catchy and amusing tracks. His title track for the album is a no-brainer party starter, so let’s get into why you should be talking loud about this one.

With an indie pop/rock kick, Ajay Mathur makes the most of the deep set groove. A lot of the verse is conversational, while the chorus will really get people on their toes. He brings in this strange flavour of an Indian bhangra beat that might not belong with the rest of the track-but it’s a cool sound to open with. There’s a reason he’s Grammy nominated. The saxophone interplays with the guitar sound great, to create a funky soul that has a blues based solo that sounds phenomenal. The breakdown has so many layers to appreciate, you won’t have a smile on your face till you hear it.

This has been a real hot album for Ajay Mathur, who has been composing music since 2011. After his first album A Matter of Time, he’s been a proactive and energetic member, constantly creating more music for us to enjoy. Listen to his track here and forget about your worries: