Assembling all his previous work under the banner of Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor), opening with the his brand new title track, Alec Berlin beguiles us yet again with his guitar instrumental magnificence. The album is composed of favorites like Patchen Avenue, Life In The Bog, Minir Maad, and LaNoise!

Beat Confabulator opens the album, sizzling with style and energy. It has excellent charisma and a compelling personality. Geared with a grunting bass, the track expands with gritty suave, baring its grungey claws and funky grooves.

Alec loads with layers of patterned riffs and eclectic beats. He crafts a vibrant stage for riveting solos that consume the atmosphere around you. And with engaging beat motifs surfing the riffs, we can’t help but vibe out!

Ruminative artist that he is, Alec carves out downtempo frames of hypnotic sonics accentuated by cymbals, achieving, what I like to call, The Berlin Equlibrium. He seamlessly floats in and out of it, carrying its pensive magic to the maximise the effect of the hyperactive pieces.

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor) by Alec Berlin here –