Alec Berlin is an explorer with a penchant to discover all that music offers. He is known to create dense atmospheres of instrumentation that dissipate all sense of normality and reality, as evidenced in his tracks like Life In The Bog and Minir Maad; both of which are taken from his brand new album. In this review, we’ll dive into the euphonic acres of the title track, LaNoise, and experience the bounty of happiness and joy seen from the perspective of Alec Berlin.

The track is like a flowing river. It has a wealth of influences from a variety of genres like folk, classic rock, pop, and blues. And what’s truly astounding is the fact that all of them are expressed solely by the varying textures of guitar melodies. Glowing with a vintage sheen, this guitar instrumental lights up the world with its aurum sensibilities and feel-good sensations.

Despite the lack of lyrics, the message comes through. Redolent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, this dreamy rock is speckled by accents of mellifluent pop that is sure to have you vibing to life and love. It inspires a generosity of spirit and glorious harmony that you just can’t get enough of.

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