Imagine two roads diverged in a wood and you don’t know what comes next. That is what Alec Berlin does with his songwriting. There are strange twists and turns, unexpected rhythm combinations and chaotic progressions. I’m talking about his latest single, Life in the Bog.

Some track titles are misleading. Some have no correlation with the music being played. Life in the Bog is very accurately, what it sounds like. There is a mysterious, leading progression that paves the way. As you wade through the thick, you are hit with one surprise after the other. Does it sound off-tune and alarming? Welcome to what travel through a bog would feel like. It is nature’s mystery room, only that there’s no escape. He has hard rock breaks at the end of each “verse” where you can see yourself wanting to headbang to the beat you can figure out.

The soft moments are where the fog surrounds you. There is a hysteric moment of panic within a calming tune, and that’s where a mastery in performance and composition comes in. This is a man who has his fingers on the strings for all the right reasons. In some parts he is Satriani, some an Eric Johnson type. This is an exciting composition from him, he’s been writing and performing professionally since 2000. 2 decades of making music as a career can leave a tingling effect in your globes. That’s what Alec Berlin and his song does. Listen to it here: