Alec Berlin wraps up the year with the release of his EP, Minir Maad. Featuring some of his previous releases like Patchen Avenue, and Life In The Bog, the EP is a pervasive brand of alt-rock that dispels the sense of space and time. Its eternal expanse and emotive depth are a mighty presence. The artist who is known for exploring uncharted musical territories and concepts creates a ruminative landscape that simmers with a volcanic sentiment.

An unbroken thread of molten melody makes the song. Its resilience and glamor are harnessed with the progression of the track. The stream of melody streams alongside relentless beats. Like a long winding road, the song curves, dips, ebbs, and rises as it wraps around the brain. The flaring tendrils of the guitar are heavily laden with a deep narrative that makes up for the lack of lyrics.

With a leveled temperance, the build-up is very graceful with hints of vintage accents and funk prints. It lays out the contours of a lonely mind and its irrepressible melancholy. Inspired by Paul Bowles’s novel The Sheltering Sky, Berlin chronicles the sights and scenery of a lone adventurer, filling our mind with visuals of a sweltering desert carrying the despondent weight of sunset skies.

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