Founded in 2000, America Owns the Moon is a rock and roll band from Indianapolis. They started Their sensational sound will make you nostalgic for the 70s. With an affecting rhythm and astounding compositions, the band’s energy is an addiction waiting to happen. Taken from their new album, Tiger, The Hard Way by America Owns the Moon has a revitalizing sound and whimsical fun.

The band puts on a lively show with ringing riffs and shadowing beats. Their ardor to play comes through fantastically, and we can’t help but join in on the fun. With a home-grown indie-rock sound, the song has iconic moments of sound and rhythm that gives it a vintage appeal. And the passion tearing through the vocal fabric bleeds into the song and makes it all the more gratifying. 

With Christian Taylor on the vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, Ben Messer on the bass, Danny Russell on the guitar, and Tony Beemer on the drums, percussion, and background vocals, the band is a bursting pod of energy. The tweaked version of their full-length album, recorded at Queensize by Andy Fry and Jeb Banner in 2009-2010, is all set to release sometime in 2023.

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You can listen to The Hard Way by America Owns the Moon here –