Anjalts makes regular music seem bland with what she has to offer. Her music is just as dynamic as her choices in melody composition and writing. You might have heard her music take many forms for the chameleon like character her style shows, while still deriving something from her own character. This is her latest single, War Is so Primitive. 

Well, that is a straight fact right there. Why bother with so many lyrics, then? The opening of the song is an instrumental odyssey that travels many different depths. The bass line is what keeps your attention. After this, the lyrics come in like her standard drawl, almost a post-grunge feel. It has an electric energy kept within some potential which might explode at any time. Though the mix for the vocals feels a bit close in some places, it adds to the mystique of the effect that is being provided. There are haunting string melodies that bounce off of the marching kind of percussion that lasts. Anjalts knows how to keep her audience engaged, yet create a hook that diversifies her playing style. 

Heaven Has Another Door and Walking to the Sun are some definite hits of hers you must check out. There is always an element of surprise and interest in her work that will keep you guessing. Listen to her single here and follow her for more!: