Annabella is a goth chick in a hard rock world. She operates on the silver linings of rock, with her melodic vocals and blistering, aggressive instrumentals. As a hard rock fan, you’re going to love what she puts forth. As a new fan, you’ll get addicted to how she executes this music. This is her new single, Replaced.

Replaced is about a whiny ex who just wasn’t good enough. Annabella does him the good deed of giving this person just another chance, via song. The Homewrecker singer brings her all to this track, which has a nu-punk vibe to it. Like alt-rock really brought in the energy for the songs they composed, Annabella is strafing us with some solidly composed audio. Her vocals especially sound great for the chorus, that brings her vocals to the fore without compromising on the strong instrumentals going on. The layered guitar work is another highlight in this song, almost a long solo, especially toward the outro.

As she closes out the song, you can hear what her vocal range can do. Not only does it show an aggressive front, but also changes intensity with songs and their requirement. There is a new life to be found in the way she writes music. Though we are only two tracks into what will be a fruitful career, we’re already ready for what she’s going to release next. Listen to her single here: