Ari Joshua delivers a grand composition with his RAAR Trio titled Kambo Wambo. Resplendent with funk, blues, and jazz, the instrumental is a dynamic rock masterpiece. It features the talent of Raymond Paczkowski and Russell Lawton alongside Ari Joshua ~ who together makeup the RAAR Trio. The track has a distinct destiny. And the artists seek it out with a devil may care attitude, going where their intuition and creativity takes them. It materializes into a vibrant and spirited adventure that the listener is invited to enjoy. 

It opens with blues rock strings that are progressively vitalized with edgy percussion and springing funk grooves. A smooth jazz mist descends on this jubilant setting, elevating its magic and mystique. There’s some tropical accents, afrobeat stylings, and faint eastern influences. The artists put the lead guitar at the forefront and dilate its artistic implications with the rest of the sonic atmosphere. It is a mood, a concept, a world, an adventure, a story, a destiny; anything you want it to be. The track leads you to strange and familiar places and it’s a pleasure to go along. Listen Now! 

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