Asaf Ashkenazy is a singer-songwriter and rock artist based in Israel. His new EP, Second Album Crisis is a drowsy machination that induces us into a mellow melancholia. The six songs show off his versatile range as he presents beautiful interpretations of classic rock, blues, and Americana. Taken from the EP, Out of this World is a fuzzy rock track in which Asaf Ashkenazy relays a sense of surreality with soul funk. 

Its droning riffs and sultry vocals carry into the vintage gloom of the soundscape. The track has an OG, old-school charm that will make you nostalgic for the 90s. He uses the freshness of acoustics and sticky cymbals beats to detail the blurry expanse. And with a baritone vocal drawl, the artist disperses a sense of clarity. Despite its bleary texture, it propagates a refined narrative whilst still playing into the overall dingy aesthetic of the song. 

Asaf Ashkenazy began performing in 2018, putting on acoustic solo acts and group acts with his band, Dog In Yard. Focusing on the cool blues spectrum of music, his work is usually a delightful exercise in ruminative mesmeri. 

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