Anthemic indie rock band, Atari Pilot is back with their latest release, Train of Life. True to their modus operandi, the track is a zealous blend of agile riffs, dreamy vocals, and diving beats. And it all comes together to form a crossroad of potent emotion that sinks into the listener. The track has a remarkable sonic design. Inspired by the surreal imagery and inventive song structures of Bruce Springsteen and Daft Punk, the band brings about beautiful rock fusions that the listener will want to keep returning to.

The track is a synthesis of guitar fuzz, wiry grooves, and incredible vocal waves. Fed into a streaming rhythm, the band builds a sonic momentum that is incredibly engaging. And the result is a forming electric atmosphere of live melodies and real emotions. There’s melancholy, hope, nostalgia, and joy that snowballs into an anticipation of life and living. The track depicts the undulating tides of life, presenting it in a romanticized setting to inspire the listener’s spirit. Based in the UK, Atari Pilot’s music is a reflection of the human condition, tracing all its mirth and malaise to reveal the magic beneath.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Train of Life by Atari Pilot here –