Aubrey is a three-piece alt rock band from London. They lean to the harder side, divulging the underworld of rock. They’re latest, Monster is a prog rock masterpiece, relentless in its haunting afflictions and desperate in its melancholy. The track showcases an exceptionally mercurial spirit, perfectly conceptualizing the erratic, unpredictable, and horrific nature of the theme. Like a blackhole, it simmers with darkness and destitution. We see elements of nu metal, hard rock, and even grunge texturising the seams of the track. Listeners of Karnivoor, Dead Letter Circus, and Cog Fire are sure to enjoy the work of this band.

The track is bolstered with hard core riffs and slapping beats. Gnawing bass lines swim through distorted frames of vocals. Listening to the track is like experiencing the defeating silence of haunted houses in all its formidable glory. They spray the soundscape with that paralyzing fear, romanticizing the ugly and the evil. Aubrey was formed in 2020 by Amelia, Sean & Sam, and released their debut track, Bad News in the same year, making this their sophomore release.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Monster by Aubrey here –