What do you get when you mix a metaverse of dreams with the power of a conscious mind? You get Aytone’s Drops. The contemporary rock project makes for mind-bending euphonies that are hard to shake off.

The thoroughly enchanting canvas is full of magical creatures of melody. A shower of twinkling melodies rains down on the sea of molten guitar riffs to form an overwhelming tsunami of radiating light. Passionate baritones lend a delicious flavor of debilitating tragedy. The synths play a beautiful role in pulling the track together. They glisten like water under the sun, bobbing with light and beauty against the strained torture in the vocals.

A haunting sweep of divine vocal harmony leads us to an oasis of refreshing synths, dancing jubilantly with swishing violin melodies. It seems as though hope broke free from the strain of the intense basslines. However, the progressions are ever-changing, erecting landscapes within landscapes to create a hypnotic reverie. It expands with tragedy and rises with joy.

Dense with explosive textures, the listening experience is as majestic as witnessing a volcanic outpour. The tight and tense riff lines sparkle electrically with sonic synths bursting out of them like diamonds. Aytone’s style is devastating and reviving, coalescing into a mesmerizing dream sequence.

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