Baaj & Baaj is a musician, singer-songwriter from Cognac, France who has been releasing music since 2022. The artist’s name translates to ‘buzz and buzz’ in French, which is fitting for someone who blends various genres like Pop, Rock, and electronic music to create their own genre. He plays several instruments and his latest track “Douce Terre” is a soft-rock track that is creative and innovative.

The track starts off giving us all the elements that are going to accompany us right away. Much of the energy in the single comes from the percussion that is rhythmic and the acoustic guitar that has soft tones with faster strumming patterns. The smoothness of the track is added to by the lead vocalist. The violins that form a majority of the pre-chorus make for great ambience. The production on the keys are sombre and grounding, making it one of my favourite elements on the song.

Lyrically, the words “Douce Terre” means “Sweet Earth” in French. This short track speaks about the endearing relationship Baaj & Baaj has to this earth. He describes the planet in great detail while singing about it and shows gratitude for all that it has given him. His feeling of not wanting to leave the earth or not wanting the earth to leave him brought up themes of death and climate change respectively in my mind.

“Douce Terre” is a well-produced soft-rock track you can listen to when you’re in the mood to feel instrumentally up-beat yet emotionally tender and calm.