Barnaby Hazen comes bearing gifts of great songs. Known as the frontman of Babelshack, he now merges the sensibilities of rock and dance, even electronica to create Babelshack Theater. His latest album, Babelshack Theater:Vol. 1 is available on his website. Here I review Edible Product.

Finding that gentle scale of balance between rock and electronic, we get the birth of a nu-shoegaze vibe. That’s the initial spatial intent that comes across from this single. The rhythm section is a laid back, post rock kind of setting, with the vocals pulsating with the raw vitality of the lyrics. The bass resonates with purpose, creating this mysterious atmosphere that dominates the effect of the song itself. Synth leads play on the dreamy, creative ocean of sound, for Barnaby’s vocals. It is a transfusion of elements that is rare and minimal, yet creates something wholesome and notional. Somewhere between early Stone Temple Pilots and the ethereal, it controls the time that it chooses to voyage through. As the song reaches departure, experimental monologues and sounds intersect to make a meditative atmosphere.

Not only is Barnaby a talented frontman, but also an author of Misfortunes of T-Funk, a 2 time award-winning novel. He currently resides in Albuquerque, where he is also filming a video supporting this fantastic album. Listen to his brilliant song and support him by listening to his album.

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