Bad Ass Beauty brings rock back into our stream of consciousness. With R&B sensibilities and vocal qualities infused, there’s no doubt you’re going to hear some spectacular music. Each song pushes her skill and style a little more, and you dive deeper into her influences and character. This particular single is one of her hardest rockers yet. This one is called Blast Off.

Some songs pretty much encapsulate what they are worth and carry. This song is easily one of them. Bad Ass Beauty brings her superb, charismatic vocals to give one of her most melodic yet aggressive performances. The riff kicks the door in, and she takes control of the stage with just her aural presence. A fan of classic rock bands-there is a fusion of what has written history and the bands that will write them. Fusion of Zeppelin like power chords to bluesy rock licks from Black Stone Cherry. This is where the bridge lies, and she is fortifying it with her explosive approach and panache in the way she performs. This is a musician who wants rock to get the respect it used to, and she’s not mincing words while doing it. 

4 Horsemen and Broken are absolute bangers, and she claims her spot with the mic while singing it. A graduate from Berklee College of Music, you can even hear where she brings the finesse and class to her music. LaQuinta Prince (a.k.a. Bad Ass Beauty) is just starting her catalogue, so make sure you follow her for more music like this!