It is unfair how cool Baïki can make music sound. Like an extension of his personality, anything is possible, and his music is like The Twilight Zone. Sometimes funk, sometimes punk-who would have thunk? This artist is going places, and luckily he has a plus one. This is his latest single, Les boites. 

Literally translating to “the boxes”, there is a good possibility that anything can happen since you start listening to the song. What if he wants to tick all the boxes, of genres? When the alt-rock beginning comes in, it becomes obvious that he means well. It is a rocking swinger, and you seem to get addicted to the composition immediately. The four chord change is recognizable, maybe you want to play along as well. I’m not fluent in French (I know absolutely nothing to be honest), but his lyrical delivery pay respect to the genre for sure. I translated the track, and I’m sure Google Translate didn’t do much justice, but a lot can be heard in how he executes it as well. Baïki is setting fire to the table and running across it, and I want to join him, just based on his feral energy. 

You can her singles like Or rouge and En rose to actually feel the weight of the song. It is an incredible effort, one that requires quite a lot of movement and studying the feel of the song. Listen to his single and follow Baïki for more to come!: