BARock is a one man experimental rock band. With a badass will to play and eccentric fervor, his soundscapes are often riveting. The energy, the emotion, and the power is irrepressible. In his latest single, Überwinde jede Mauer, BARock bolsters hard rock with punk accessories. The relentless beats and fiery riffs explode from blazing bass lines. His vocals keep up with the instrumentation, berserkly crawling through the gritty and wildly punk. They blur into garage rock setups, elevating the chaos and gratifying disarray to the next level.

The song is the title track of BARock’s latest album. It is a remarkable breed of punk. Creating an endless momentum, the protagonist’s thirst for the supreme is beautifully portrayed. In the rhythm, we see strive, resilience, determination, and strength as it leads to a liberating salvation. In the bridge, things level – like the calm before the storm that tears through the soundscape with renewed beats, clawing riffs and spraying vocals. Listen Now!

The German artist formed this banner in 2019 to explore progressive frames of rock as devices for storytelling. And by conceptualizing the soundscape, he tells layered and immersive tales of man.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Überwinde jede Mauer by BARock here –