Beatroot has an edgy sound that transcends rock into the mesmerizing world of funk and jazz. Swirling in abstract goodness, the artists manage to harvest the blues from these genres and form vibrant canvasses. Formed in 2022, this funk-rock outfit transforms sound in so many wonderful ways! In this new release, Falafel Funk, Beatroot shows off its eccentric flair with charisma, grandeur, and grace!

This track has an array of musical textures and sound pallets. Opening with orchestral trumpet drama, the funk is extravagant and bejeweled. Expressed with the improv and verbosity of jazz, the song rises to a cabaret climax before the electric guitar makes an appearance through the smoke. It grows slowly with textured shredding and hyperbolic evocation; a slow-dancing funk. And then it takes off, rock and roll style, soaring like a rocket with stunning velocity.

Based in Portsmouth, England, the band is all about having fun. It is evident not only in their compositions but also in their will to play. With an arresting sonic quality and versatile instrumentation, the soundscapes are fantastically colossal. The band consists of nine members on the saxophones, trumpets, electric guitar, organ and keys, and drums. And this song is mixed and mastered by Sara Carter on Music Mix Pro.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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