Entrenching and addictive, the feel-good track invokes an image of spirits partying and shaking it up! Just in time for Halloween, Manuka by Bella Disastro makes for a riveting listen. This EP track marks the beginning of the artists’ journey. The dark riffs and blazing soundscape is an instant winner and warrants high praise and applause.

The electric guitar sets a swinging rhythm that the smoky vocals can bounce off of. With a savvy style and engaging mystery, the vocals flow with sinister magic and adventure. And the basslines and drumbeats do a great job of highlighting the effortlessness in the vocals and evading rest. No rest for the wicked! A lick of sensuality winds through the track and warm darkness is dispelled into the soundscape.

Birthing an exciting feeling with a promise of an adrenaline high, the track vibrantly broods with mischief and an escapade. We find ourselves dripping with nostalgia for 90s dance-rock. A rebel without a cause vibe is built into the fabric of the track. Its easy and careless attitude is reminiscent of youthful schema and delinquency.

There is not a single moment of lethargy or dilation throughout the track. Its conniving claws proactively stretch across the soundscape with its Machiavellian design for deviance and disarray. The molten guitar transition at the bridge gives us a blast of euphoric rebellion however, its brevity leaves us wanting for more.

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