Bill Mandara might be the next soundtrack king. Like Kenny Loggins, his music is descriptive, emotional and draws from a scene that is dramatic. He has always chosen to write lyrics from what he finds the best markers of an image. He might be the next big thing for indie films, this track is called Always There.

With an instrumental pocket that has all the vigour and zeal required to really imbibe a scene, he begins his song. The meditations are deep and effortless, yet it conveys something. It is the visual of a realization, something that is a place of comfort. It might always exist, but the real reward is when realization dawns. The verse section doesn’t rush into a feeling instantly. It builds, very deliberately and consistently. The galloping drums and enveloping guitar sound creates the necessary echo that the powerful words need. The reiteration is with the lead guitar playing the vocal flow, bringing the necessary energy and descriptive depth. It flows back with ease into the same intro opening that drew us in.

He might be known for his covers of The Doors track, Waiting for the Sun, but has brought us original gems in his own right.  His new album, what the hell is wrong with you?! brings the best of his work, a world that is created exclusively by him, understood by everyone. Bill Mandara and Joey create exquisite scenarios with almost no snags or blank spaces. The flow is evident and well crafted, and has the storyline of a film. Listen to his song here: