Bitchin’ Hour is a time you won’t find on the clock. If your life is bitchin’ enough, you’ll make the time for it. When you do arrive dripping in swagger, remember there is only one band who will be providing the collective throttle for you to have a night to remember. Don’t forget. This is their latest single, Time to Burn. 

Sure, there are a lot of indie bands that claim to be the next big thing. Bitchin’ Hour don’t have to make that claim. I want to make it for them. Their single starts with a riff that, quite honestly, makes my palms sweat. It is filled with so much adrenaline, I wrote the rest of this article standing up, upside down on a roller coaster. The fuzzy guitar riff taints your vision for even thinking about what is going on in the song. Vocals are refined, fresh and inspired, not like the washed out musicians on “global tours” right now. They make sure to include a fair bit of screaming and growling as well, and all seems fair within the 60 minutes of the Bitchin’ Hour. Get your action montage ready, the band won’t wait for you. 

Viper Woman, Tooth and Nail, Daddy AF. This is all prime, prepped rock that is delivered to your eardrums like an anti-ASMR whisper. Crank up the volume, bow to the quality rock that they produce and rock out to their latest refreshing song here with us!: