Bjørn BARock is an indie rock artist and songwriter. His work is powerful both in its thematic and musical essence. The artist explores humanistic experiences, posing them in existential contexts and emotional frames. In his latest track, Stell Mir Keine Fragen, Bjørn BARock sets out a dark punk-grunge atmosphere. The song is about a guy who wakes up hungover in a bar after playing a gig, and questions everything about his life. The whirlwind of ardent riffs and flying beats conceptualize the cerebral spiral in the thick of an emotional breakdown. 

The track is so innately human, crafted with feelings and thoughts that we have all experienced at some point. Listening to the track is like having a dark cloud pass through you. With gritty punk and gunning grunge, he emulates the chaos and mayhem of the story. And the fuzz of bass lines is like the haze of a hangover, seared with deep emotional faculties. Listen Now! 

The artist debuted in 2021 with the album ‘Raus in die Freiheit’. This track, along with its predecessor, Meine kleine, grosse Welt teases the upcoming release of his sophomore album. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Stell Mir Keine Fragen by Bjørn BARock here –