Blame Club is an indie rock project that creates sonic planes of texture and emotion founded by Toby Keane and David Michael Ellis.It is an intimate exploration of humanity and all its melancholy. Blending gentle riffs with the dazed atmospheric dream pop, the artist presents surreal networks of contemplations. ‘Spooked’ is the latest single from Blame Club that explores the dwindling light of twilight and its crepuscular mysteries. Watercolor mists of the sunset and its fading gradients are presented as an affecting analogy for existential ennui.

iTunes Artwork for 'Spooked - Single (by Blame Club)'

Continuous wires of melody and luminescence run through the soundscape. Gossamer synth particles disperse out of echo pockets, their textures imprinting on the warm baritones, the beats, and the melodies. It is a fluid composition in that none of the elements are tethered or anchored. The artists leverage the innate rhythms and abstractions of the synths, distortions, echoes, and basses. And that seems to create a boundlessness. They slowly spiral around each other to create an intricate sound experience. Listen Now!

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