Blindness & Light is a collaborative artist with a growing genre-diverse portfolio. With his latest single, Ballad of Them and Us, Blindness & Light deviates from his conceptual and pensive soundscapes to create a folk-rock presentation with country artist and singer-songwriter, Henry Priestman. 

The track is equal parts harmonica and soul-rock. Luminous sheets of harmonica slice through the landscape of rock beats and fuzzy riffs, with a ringing hyperbole. But the vocals are where the two genres truly unite. The melancholic baritones demonstrate an emotional revelation that is redolent of country styles while also interacting with the rock elements. It guides the two genres and works them towards the realization of the artistic vision. 

Blindness & Light began this collective in pursuit of musical magic. It is his modern quest to discover unique and novel musical spaces with artists across the globe. All his tracks are produced by Tony Denmade at his Warrington studio, although recording always begins with demos on Anglesey. Blindness & Light debuted in 2022 with three astounding releases, Chains, Another Day, and The Tannhäuser Gate. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Ballad Of Them and Us by Blindness & Light and Henry Priestman here  –