Blockade is a London-based alt rock band with an eclectic musical attitude that you cannot turn down. The group’s style is characterized by their fiery combination of hard-hitting rock, metal riffs, and soulful vocals. And built on a thumping bed of beats, their soundscape is a heaving fabric of visceral energy and emotion. Blockade has just released their debut single, Mess You Made and the track readily affirms their talent and allure. Its eclectic sonic mix and style show off influences from Lower Than Atlantis, DON BROCO, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Nothing But Thieves, Silverstein and Royal Blood to name a few. 

The track forms like a storm, slowly brewing with dark clouds, and then bursting into a torrential climax. It is a sensational machination driven by a tight riff rhythm and a towering beat structure. Looped into this gunning soundscape are silver bass grooves and uplifting vocals. And as we approach the bridge, pyro arrangements begin forming on the heels of a vocal lift. The momentum rises and the tumble begins, raging through screens of obliterating rage before leaping off the cliff to its sordid end. 

Formed in 2022, the band consists of vocalist Olly Davies, guitarist Jack Messer, bassist Luke McCormick and drummer Jack Reynolds.

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