Blueburst has restored the zeal of live music. The brainchild of Craig Douglas Miller, this band has gone on to create some amazingly memorable tunes. Sonic cohesiveness rings, at the root of it all. Marty Willson-Piper joined in penning songs, Michael Jerome on drums and Ryan Kelly on bass make it an electric 4-piece band. This is their album, Significance

This album is full of energetic and catchy songs that are focused on all the talents by the band. Songs like Senseless have an 80s vibe that will take you back. The band has an edge in effortless execution. The songs are laced with rich imagery, and follow their tributaries to the many unique chord progressions that Blueburst enjoy. They also have songs that bring the crowd together to jump and enjoy, like Supernova. The album is a superb effort by this band, they have found a sound that they are synonymous with, all bells and whistles included. 

There are hard rock roots in some riffs like Bravado as well, but the band always keeps clean harmonies that draw you to the glittering future they visualise. A hooky song, one of their best is in Amplify Me. The song that instantly becomes a classic for the memorable riff and simple style. 

Blueburst is creating what is a whirlwind of exponential growth with their music. As they know their own sound to be tailored to the smallest details, the production has been elevated to a whole new level. Significance is making a mark for them, as a legacy in indie rock.: