Blueprint Tokyo are the indie rock band that enjoy a good cocktail mix of many different ideas. Their soothing music brings some surreal imagery with classic indie drive, something addictive yet easy to latch on to. With their latest single, they give Top Gun a thematic revisit with Take My Breath. 

The beauty is in how much they can do with so less. Minimal instrumentals are most difficult to nail down, there’s so much that can go wrong. Though the song is percussion heavy, there are muted guitars and synths+keys magic going on in the background. Excitement is retained in the way the music is put together, especially when the drums change feel in the bridge part. Vocals soar in the chorus part, surprises galore in terms of instruments. The sax addition was the surprising shot of morphine, this song had a special groove in. Blueprint Tokyo haven’t added an excess of anything, all shine under the same strength of the spotlight, to make a song that is so redolent and enjoyable. There is a retro touch in this song, would be perfect in Miami Voice or anything from Kenny Loggins backyard. 

Blueprint Tokyo don’t want to adhere to any ground rules here, they’re making their own plans. Songs like Panic Carefully and Say Anything are super hits from them because we’ll never know which direction they’ll take it. Listen to the song here and follow them for more like this!: