The discovery of the self is a trying and rewarding odyssey. It builds character, inspires song, births poetry, and bolsters the art of living. Bonze undertakes this journey and catalogues it using sublime soundscapes. And in his sense of self, you can find leap off points to yourself. In his latest single, Out of My Hands, Bonze disperses acoustic melodies and ruminative synths into the mist of the mind. Listeners of FKJ, The 1975, Cigarettes After Sex, and Masego will thoroughly enjoy the pensive swirls of Bonze’s sonics. 

The artist is an autobiographical singer-songwriter. He weaves his reality into surreal threads of melodies to obscure it with the abstractness of art. By employing a sort of musical escapism, he confronts the process of becoming in his own time, dwelling within himself. 

In Out Of My Hands, he embraces his powerlessness with melodic grace. The fuzzy falsettos pair dreamily with the luminosity of the guitar and ubiquitous synths. Gaining a high levity, the track drifts to the depths of the psyche and dissolves into the moments lingering beside you. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Out Of My Hands by Bonze here –