Borrowd is a four piece band from Brno, Czechia that blissfully blends flavors of modern metal and post hardcore with old school emo of the 2000s. Their discography is a perfect example of what good experimentation sounds like. The way they execute their tracks is just amazingly spell binding. They have released 6 singles and a whole album that will blow your mind away. They made their debut in 2020 with Pixelated vows which is one of their works and is too good to be their first track! They blend in mlodic vocals with some intricate guitars and growls that can make grounds shake.

I recently came across this band when they released their lates single which is named To waves I belong too. The track starts off with an electronic sound entering into a guitar riff which is beautifully structured and composed. The track is an amazing mesh made out of some melodic elements that are so melodic that you will find yourself lost in it’s enchantment. The way this track is carried is beautiful and is surely one of the best tracks I’ve heard this month. This is surely going into my personal playlists. Do give this track a go and trust me you will become a Borrowd fan as soon as you listen to it. This is the kind of music that deserves all the recognition and appreciation in the world.

If you love some heavy music and cherish musicality, this is surely the track for you. The power of this track cannot be described in words. You can catch a little glimpse of To waves I belong too here-