The Boundless Brothers are an alternative pop rock band based in the United Kingdom. Influenced by 90s Britpop and the complexity of alt rock, they are known to create versatile soundscapes. The band is driven by emotion and creates a landscape in which it can flow to the listener. That’s the major appeal of them. It’s like you’re sitting around and vibing with them. ‘Love and Monsters’ is The Boundless Brothers’ latest album. It is an exploration of all things human, light and dark, shadow and reflection. With contemplative lyrics and resonant narratives they bring the theme home. Listeners of Ed Sheeran, The Who, The Smiths, and The Neighborhood are sure to enjoy the intimate spheres of this band’s pop rock. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Oh My God - Single (by Boundless Brothers)'

‘Oh My God’ beautifully exemplifies the stylistic profiles and spirit of this album. It is the perfect introductory track. Light and honest baritones are cast in a feel-good riff and beat frame. It fits into the ‘love’ sphere of songs in the album. The protagonist is wondering if what he’s feeling is love. It is a mellow anthem that is both celebratory and unsure. This duality rings especially true considering today’s dating culture. With all the new and unexpected feelings coursing through him, he candidly ponders on the dreamy philosophies of love. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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