The sound of BreakTime gives vintage America; a classic sound that echoes with the melodic style and trademark warm melancholy of The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Infused with breezy and sunny tones, their latest album, Specials makes for a refreshing and blissful listening experience. Taken from this collection is the track, ‘She’s The One’ that sets out BreakTime ‘s brand of optimistic pop rock. Listen Now!

The track is made up with smooth monotonal planes that immerse you in the soft pain of nostalgia. Washed with beachy vibes and sonic pallets, it fosters an overwhelming summery sentiment. Dynamic riffs and gleaming guitar melodies set up an infectious melody line. The vocals fill this sphere with sweet lyrical details and anecdotal ruminations to create a memorable and romantic ensemble.

BreakTime is Sean (bass), Thommy (lead guitar), Doug (rhythm guitar), and Peter (drums). Their music is devoted to dissolving all of their listeners’ troubles and cares. The group debuted in 2021 with their single, Rock N’ Roll Refugee, following it with their debut album release in 2022. Specials is the band’s sophomore album, presenting unexplored gradients of fun and relaxation.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to She’s The One from the ‘Specials’ album by BreakTime here –