The potent electro-rock duo, Bromsen is back with another release, We! For this track, the duo take a page out of their indie-rock past, and weave it into the pulsing folds of disco-synths and terse riffs. With lofty bass lines and soaring sonic screens, it is an uplifting anthem that is fitting of its theme. 

The track is a celebration with indicative streams of luminous melodies. With rhythmic beats at its bedrock, the artists play around with textures and effects. Its primary frame has head-bobbing synths and zigzagging bass lines. This is before it is overwhelmed by the high vocal tides compounded by the symphonic riffs. The entire ensemble is a well-oiled machination with each element locked into the frequency of the other. It is a stellar musical conceptualisation of We!, a group, a community, a society, a country, a world. 

The Bromsen sound takes us back to the roaring vibrancy of the 80s. Tuned into modern frequencies, Karlo and Richard form a sonic bridge to dart in and out of the past. 

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