Yet another banger from the pool of Burton Badman ‘s alchemy, Fields of Confusion is a despondent hallucinogen that is good for the soul. With a touch of soul and a whole lot of madness, the disarraying track nestles us within its warm and cascading chaos.

Slow and grinding guitar riffs bring the song into being. Adding on a layer of grooving beats, it drudges forward with clawing basslines. Hoodlums of chaos and dysfunction swirl around the verses as they erupt dissolving walls of sonic sounds. The climb of the song resembles the rising of a towering beast, obtuse and obese with a promise of danger.

The song sports a chilling sound and texture pallet. Webs of grunge and dark rock arcs create a world of their own; Darting across the soundscape, they dominate and dictate the destiny of the song. The band spins a disturbing wreath of black trauma roses and their haunting thorns. Depicting a fierce inner battle, the sonic-rock track relentlessly vanquishes demons, holding out hope for final salvation.

The bass growls begrudgingly and the beast howls under the strain. With a penchant for theatrics, sinister riffs disrupt the path, like golems and gargoyles. Obsidian sonics snake through the vocals like poisonous basilisks. The maze of melodies fumes with mayhem, swelling up with pandemonium that debilitates the will. Burton Badman puts on a breathtaking and enrapturing show about disarraying folds of trauma in their new single, Fields of Confusion!

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