Denver-based indie-rock band, Business Cashmere, is an expressive gang. Comprising bass player, Tallon Comcovich, guitarist, George Till, and vocalist Chris Galinski, the band is known for their contemporary styles and euphonic histrionics. In their new release, Dance Alone, Business Cashmere adorns the prominent rock canvas with contemporary synths, electronic basslines, and disco beats.

The track has an active soundscape. Its vibrant textures, mercurial flows, and dance beats coalesce into a magnum vibe. A perfect union of vintage rock and modern rock. With a dynamic groove and chord progression, the track scales abstractly; contracting and expanding to form a bouncing rhythm. The angular meet-cutes of the melodies and percussion erect a glass castle that blooms with nostalgic lyricism and retro-styled vocals.

The gloomy textures and blue tones profess a deep melancholia that is realized by the insouciant vocal frame. And as the song unfolds, the beats drive it into magnificent synth clouds. The band projects an oxymoronic canvas, juxtaposing the stillness of melancholy with energetic drum fills.

Formed in 2020, the band debuted the same year with their single, Social Distance, and has since released three songs in three years. With every track, the band layers old-school rock with modern musical evolutions to form rich and elaborate sound profiles.

You can listen to Dance Alone by Business Cashmere here –

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