Charise Sowells’ musical style is uniquely oriented to reveal the raw and rugged underlayer of living and emoting. The New York University Tisch School of the Arts and Orange County School of the Arts alumna has a way with sonic arrangement that transcends the boundaries of mainstream sonic cultures, both in terms of themes and design. Her soundscapes are often conceptual, with melodies and riffs dimensionalizing the essence of the vocals. And this is especially exemplified by Charise Sowells’ track, Morning Breath, taken from her latest album, Obsolescent Adolescence. 

The track is replete with branching sonic tangents that delicately edges the line between harmony and dissonance. Vibrant riffs and glassy melody frames slide away like glaziers from the parent formation, shadowed by the dark flesh of the vocals. A wealth of bass lines bloom through the moving parts. Acting as a catalyst, it inspires more and more aligned splits that crawl into the psyche cavity. 

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