Cigarettes For Breakfast is a shoegaze band with a whole lot of existential crisis and perspectives. Leveraging the whirlpooling sensibilities of the genre, they blow past all limits in search for answers. They explore themes of the self, mooning over identities, discovering introspective patterns, and celebrating vulnerability. Listeners of Beach House, Wild Nothing, and Atlas Sound are sure to enjoy the vast soundscapes of this band. Cigarettes For Breakfast has just released their latest single, Join The Circus. The song teases the release of the band’s upcoming album of the same name; concepted around trying to find yourself in the “circus” of life. 

Oscillating between ethereal flights and tearing grunge, the track forms a revolving globe of sound. The track opens with incredible synth siphons unraveling with a gracious smoothness. Dreamy vocals sail this seamless fabric before the grunge pours in. Its strident riffs and abrasive bass lines burn in stark contrast to the cold fire of the surreal sonic plane. The first time it comes, it flashes like a premonition before receding. But the second time it comes, its fiery tendrils purges all illusion as it rushes rhythmically through to the end. Molten guitar arcs and glass harmonies phase through it, adding dimension and depth to the volcanic tremors of grunge. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Join The Circus by Cigarettes for Breakfast here –