Coma Beach allows you to delve back in the retro, while remaining contemporary. The brilliant band is back with a single called Another Song, featured in their 2021 album, The Scapegoat’s Agony. Combining surgically lethal lyrics that have a dose of everything from cynicism to frustration, their music has something to say and somewhere to go. Let’s dive into what makes this song great. 

With the opening acoustic guitar and electric guitar interweave, they give a shock package with their performance. There is some intense shredding on the guitar, if you turn up your highs you can hear the battery overcharge solo. It is quite a way to open a song, until you hear the vocals. Gruff, direct and the size of the Berlin Wall in your face, the song is a contrast of many layers. It sounds like what Lemmy would sound like if he covered The Beatles. Coma Beach is a band that just loves to deliver, and there is nothing more to say about it. Chord progressions are easy enough to memorize by the second play, but the whole song is all them. Read along with the lyrics, and I think we have a manifesto in our hands. 

Coma Beach have been amping up their sound with Jesus’ Tears and Nothing Right. The band is always experimenting, within the realms of rock and have found their own scimitar sharp edge. Listen to their single here and follow them for more like this!: