Bands like Coma Beach share the same kind of vision Nirvana had. Bring punk to all who understand it. Those who won’t eventually will. We need this genre now more than ever, and eloquent rock messiahs who will do the job, when necessary. This is called Extreme Masochist, and you’re in for a treat.

The song is especially relevant now, where we overstimulate ourselves. It is an obvious peek inside the human experience, and nothing except rock can put it as blunt as it needs to be. Coma Beach ascend and descend from the chord progression that can drive the point home. There is a ridiculous energy that they are saving, and they put it for display here. They are right on the nose, creating a flow that only some can keep up with, maybe. Nevertheless, the band is out to deliver some catchy alt-punk as it seems, and they’re doing a great job at it. Watch out for some of the transitions, they will hit you like a right hook from hell. 

You can listen to Coma Beach make some exhilarating music on their Spotify. Follow them for more songs like this, make sure you check out their other songs as well. They will always deliver, and never shy from the point as well. This is their number below, for your consideration or not!: