Crossing over to the dark side, Coma Beach appropriates themes like shock, chaos, pain, isolation, and rage and makes a sonic assembly of punk-rock with gothic accents, grunge, and hard rock. Their distorted canvasses are cathartic and rebellious in ways that provide an escape for the human mind. Influenced by dark rock legends like Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Jesus and Mary Chain to Guns N’ Roses, one can fathom the band’s aptitude for dystopian gloom and despondency. The band has just released their debut album, The Scapegoat’s Agony. Taken from this collection is the song Jesus’ Tears; a song that aptly exemplifies the magnetic style and powerful showcases of Coma Beach.

The punk beats keep the energy levels high from beginning to end. Coated with gunning riff machinations and tearing vocals, the soundscape is loaded with texture and sprayed with emotion. And the grunge resonance lends the song a menacing gleam that reinforces the angst and hopelessness of the theme. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the track gains acute momentum, becoming bigger and more potent with each beat cycle.

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